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Participation is open to those members of young faculty whose area of interest covers theory of knowledge. Along with an application letter please send 4-6 page outline of your proposed contribution to the program of the School. The contribution should concern issues relevant to the general topic of the School. Send the application in hard copy to Prof. Ryszard Wojcicki, (Director of the School), Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Science, Nowy Swiat 72, 00-330 Warszawa, Poland either by regular mail or by fax: (48-22) 826-7823. Please send its electronic version independently to Anna Szczesna. Application forms (zipped, 5K) are available at our web page and at the above e-mail.


Your application with a request for a grant should reach (at least in its electronic form) the organizers by March 15. A list of grant-recipients will have been completed by March 30. Other applications will be dealt with as they are received; those participants accepted who will have confirmed their participation by June 30 paying either the participation fee (US$ 160 -- not refundable) only or paying it along with the accommodation charge (US$ 660) will be put on the final list. Fees (indicate their purpose by writing "Madralin School 2000") ought to be sent to the bank account of Instytut Filozofii i Socjologii PAN, Nowy Swiat 72, Warszawa: Bank name: PBK S.A. XIII Oddz. Warszawa 11101053-3463-2700-1-30 (SWIFT code PANKPLPW).

A limited number of scholarships (covering fee and accommodation) are available for participants from the past “socialist countries.” A few partial (1/2) scholarships are available for students from other countries. We strongly recommend all prospective participants to apply for scholarships from their home institutions, and from national branches of the Soros Foundations Network, in particular.


The venue of the School will be Conference Center of the Polish Academy of Science in Madralin, located about 30 km from the Warsaw downtown. It accommodates 50 people comfortably and in pleasant surroundings. Three meals per day (good Polish cuisine) offered at Madralin are included in the accommodation fee. Vegetarian meals are available. The Center has its coffee bar. Madralin also offers nice recreation facilities; it is situated in a large wooded area. (You might be interested to know that in the Polish spelling the first a in Madralin is supplied with a "tail" and is pronounced like nasal French vowel on.)


Accommodation charge (see DEADLINES) covers lodging and full-board for 15 days. We are sorry to say that we are able to offer single rooms for the invited lecturers only. However, double rooms offered in Madralin are pleasant and comfortable. There is a chance that we will be able to accommodate some number of participants in rooms booked outside Madralin (but within walking distance). We are examining this possibility and we will present information as soon as its feasibility is verified.


We will organize transportation both from Warsaw airport and Warsaw railroad station Warszawa Centralna to Madralin on the day of arrival. Also on the day of departure, return transportation will be organized.

School Newsletter:

Nesletter that is based on the existing home page comes to life. It will publish all things related to the School: texts of lectures, contributions, papers, notes, discussions, etc. The newsletter will be edited by Adam Grobler and Artur Koterski.

Summer School for Theory of Knowledge: Application