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Dear All,

The timetable of our mini-buses to Madralin is the following:

I. 10.30 am. (Airport) - 11.00 (Palac Staszica)
II. 1.30 pm. ("Warszawa Centralna", railway st. we will be waiting near
the taxi stand) - (Palac Staszica)
III. 4 p.m. (airport) - 17.00 (Palac Staszica)

We would like to give you also some practical information that may be useful:

  1. Madralin, the venue of the Summer School, is a manor-house situated 25 km East-South form Warsaw. The public transport to Madralin is not convenient, but one can reach Madralin by train from Warszawa Srodmiescie station (next to Warsaw (Warszawa) CENTRALNA) to OTWOCK. (It is WARSZAWA CENTRALNA where those of you who are coming to Poland by rail should get out).
  2. There is a regular bus service both from the airport and from "Warszawa Centralna" rail station to the centre of Warsaw. There is also a taxi stand in front of the airport and in front of the "Warszawa Centralna". (Note, however, that the taxis which operate at those stands are VERY expensive -- simply don't take them!.) From "Warszawa Centralna" to "Palac Staszica" (Nowy Swiat Str 72 ) you can go by buses no. 174, 175. From the airport to the "Palac Staszica", you can take bus no. 175. (You can also take the Airport- City coach, which stops near to "Europejski Hotel", about 200 meters from "Palac Staszica", a little bit more expensive, but not crowded). Tickets, which are valid for trams, buses and underground (but not for Airport Coach) are available ta any kiosk. The price is 2,4 PLN (zlote).
  3. The Polish currency is zloty, which devides into 100 groszy. The annual inflation rate is about 8%. Foreign currency (but not all) can be changed to zlotys in exchange offices, usually called "KANTOR". The present rate of exchange is about 4,2 -4,3 zloty to 1 USD.
  4. Please, write down the following phone numbers to Madralin 779 28 62 and 779 22 64; and the mobile phone numbers: Anna's: 0607137095 and Piotr's: 0501853979.
C'ya then!

We have participants' presentation uploaded (14 zipped files in MS Word format)

Download Paul Humphreys' paper: Scientific Empiricism (WordPerfect 9 format; you can open it with Word 2000 and convert it as if it was WP 6.1 document)

There are two more things to download: full course of prof. Ray Dacey, avaiable in PDF document DOC (MS Word) Word document and PDF documentPDF format PDF document Also, we have PowerPoint files for Elton G. McGoun's lecture.

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The editorial commettee of JTB has decided to change the policy. After the feedback we have received JTB is not a realtime digest anymore. We will transform it into a webpage based eJournal. Anyway, you do not have to unsubscribe JTB. Do not, stay in tune, and be informed about any updates to JTB and Summer School webpages.

Well, we have just started ejournal, Justification, Truth, and Belief. The idea is very simple. JTB is a mailing list. Subscribe JTB using the form below. Then you'll be asked for confirmation that it was you who signed to JTB. All you have to do is press "REPLY" button in your e-mail client and send the message back. Then your subscription will be confirmed. After that you'll receive a digest.

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Justification, Truth, and Belief. The eJournal. More info on JTB is to be found here.

Search engine mounted! Look above... BTW, it is very hard to catch anyone in the school's chat-room... Have you already tried it? It's easy as 1-2-3, and if you know some basic IRC commands you are at home! If you don't, just look for another guest, type what you want to say and press enter. So, have nice chat with other guest of this website at

We have added informations on lecturers. Infos can be found on pages with course descriptions. Soon the site will be indexed and we'll put here a search engine. Also, in few days we're going to replace discussion board with a e-mailed digest.

If you have any problems viewing this site please inform webmaster!

You can download G. Irzik's paper "Whorfian Variations On Kantian Themes".
BTW. since few days this site may be reached also as

Updated info on Erik J. Olsson's lecture

Don't feel like complaining, but St. Valentine Day is over and all I got yesterday is some "brief course descriptions"... okay, here we go:

  1. Ray Dacey with Learning, Knowledge, and Adaptation;
  2. Adam Grobler and Modes of Justification in Science;
  3. Paul Humphreys on Twenty-first Century Empiricism;
  4. Gürol Irzik about Kuhn's Linguistic Turn and Its Significance for Philosophy of Science;
  5. Elton G. McGoun, Theories in Finance: A Reductio ad Absurdum;
  6. Mauricio Suarez, Scientific Representation: Some Pragmatist Views;
  7. last but not least, Erik J. Olsson: Coherence and Truth.

This is just to remind you that 'Application Form' can be downloaded since 17.12.99... Well, it is to be found at 'Application' section. Or just here! (It's a a zipped MS Word 2000 doc; if you don't use M$ products drop us a line, we'll send you *.txt file then.)

Homepage devoted to the chief of the School added: info on Prof. Ryszard Wójcicki (this is a mirror, not official one).

The site has started. That's really good beginning, isn't it? Well, more news later...

Summer School for Theory of Knowledge: What's New?