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Justification, Truth, and Belief

Under its 'classical' definition', going back to Plato (though the one rejected by himself), knowledge is a set of justified true beliefs, in symbols, K=JTB. This explains the name JTB-FORUM of this eJournal.
Today it's

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Filozofia Polska XX Wieku
Neurath Conference
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Previously JTB-FORUM was a companion to the Summer School for the Theory of Knowledge that held every August (1997-2000) in Madralin (in the vicinity of Warsaw, Poland). It is open to everybody who is professionally interested in problems of the theory of knowledge.

Report: Conference on Theory of Knowledge (Warsaw, 10.2001)

See also the seminar on Mind and Cognition (in Polish)


      JTB-FORUM is meant to be a place for sharing queries, problems and research ideas relevant for a broadly understood theory of knowledge. Short notes about events that might be of interest for the people involved in research activities relevant to the scope of JTB-FORUM are also welcome.

A text to be publicized via JTB-FORUM should be electronically submitted (preferably in the form of a TXT file) to any of the Managing Editors of the forum. It should take the form of a few page essay or note. The managing editor will accept (or reject) the submitted material on the basis of her/his personal judgement of both the quality and clarity of the presentation.

Things published at JTB-FORUM might be submitted (in their original or revised form) for publication to any regular journal. No permission is required. The author is requested to mention the fact that JTB-FORUM was the place where the ideas of the paper were initially exhibited.

JTB-FORUM is divided into five Sections: (1) Foundationalism: Pros & Cons; (2) Mind and Cognition; (3) Discourse, Logic and Cognition; (4) Justification; (5) Truth.

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