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ADSORPTION.ORG - events and links to adsorption-related pages (maintained by AWM)

Important links:
   PTChem, Lublin Division
   PTChem, Section of Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomena (SPhIP)
   PTChem XLVI Meeting, Lublin, 15-18 Sept. 2003
   PTChem XLVII Meeting, Wrocław, 12-17 Sept. 2004
   ISSHAC home page (ISSHAC-5, 2004)
   IAS home

A.W. Marczewski pages:
   A.W. Marczewski home page
   A Practical Guide to Adsorption Isotherms (A.W. Marczewski's Adsorption page)
   Adsorption Glossary (A.W. Marczewski's Adsorption page)
   A.W. Marczewski's Titration page
   A.W. Marczewski's AFM page
   local info (UMCS, Lublin & Poland - by A.W. Marczewski)
   Journal/Paper Search links (A.W. Marczewski)

UMCS/local pages:
(www.umcs.edu.pl | www.umcs.lublin.pl)
   Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (UMCS, Lublin, Poland)
   Faculty of Chemistry Home and mail/www users
   Department of Radiochemistry and Colloidal Chemistry (www.RadioChemistry.umcs.lublin.pl, www.ColloidChemistry.umcs.lublin.pl, www.RadioEcology.umcs.lublin.pl or old page; alias; fast mirror)
   Department of Physicochemistry of Solid Surface (www.SurfaceSci.umcs.lublin.pl)
   more local links - see local info (UMCS, Lublin & Poland - by A.W. Marczewski)

Other pages:

Mirrors of my WWW pages:
   My original UMCS page annad (alias)
   Primary mirrors: adm.adsorption.org and sorption.org/adm (see all mirrors) hosted on ADSORPTION.ORG
   Copy on ONet.pl: republika.pl/adm_ads/
   (aliases republika.pl/adm-ads/, adm-ads.republika.pl)

Non-sci pages:
   our photo pages (family and Japan)
   AWM galleries (pictures, photos, Japonica)
   Our family photos from Japan
   my daughter Agata's page (only partial access!)
   NieTylkoFraszki - Epigrams (fraszki) by Michał Malawski

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